Advantages of MEE

MEE Zipper has some special advantages as zipper manufacturer and supplier in india over its competitors.

Production Advantages

Branded Quality: MEE Zipper is made with the best of technicians, machineries, raw materials and processes. Individual experience of over 35 years in zipper has enabled us to start a factory of branded standard. MEE Zipper is a branded quality zipper.

ASTM and BS Standard: All zippers are manufactured under the strict ASTM and BS quality standards.

Ferrous Free Sliders: We can provide ferrous free sliders as required by the buyer

International Standard Color Fastness: MEE complies with international standards of color fastness.

Special Sliders: We specialize in providing customized slider solutions.

OEM (Private Label): OEM(Private Label) slider zippers can be done as per buyer’s requirement.

Service Advantages:

Quickest Time Delivery: Production and delivery can be done within 10 days or in the quickest possible time as per buyer’s requirement.

Small Order Catering: Any small order are quickly manufactured and delivered.

Color Approval: Color approval is taken of all orders as per buyer’s requirement in shortest possible time.

After Sales Service: If buyers face any problem of zipper, our technicians will be there to solve it in india. (Though such cases are rare but we stand by our quality and provide after sales service if needed.)