Corporate Social Responsibility


MEE’s commitment towards Environment:

In this era of Global Warming, MEE is well aware of its commitment towards environment and feels equally responsible to discharge responsibility towards it.

Our Sustainable Products:
  • Low lead content of less than 90 PPM.
  • AZO free dyes: AZO free dyes are used as Azo is harmful to the environment and body.
Our Sustainable Processes:
  • Effluent Treatment Plant: Effluent generated in MEE is taken care of in the manner that doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.
  • Fire Fighting System: An International standard firefighting system is installed with all the equipment and training.
  • Hygienic Factory: We believe in keeping hygienic conditions at the factory site in terms of air flow, water and sanitation etc.
  • No Smoking Policy: Fastek zippers have “no smoking” policy. Our whole premises are a no-smoking zone.
MEE’s commitment to community:

At Fastek, community responsibility is integral to the way we do our business. A healthy, vibrant community ensures better standards of living. Humans are gregarious by nature and we grow up in our respective communities. If our community is stagnant, we stagnate too. With this holistic approach towards social, spiritual and intellectual well-being of communities around us, we make sure that whatever we have, we help the community with it.

We are committed to help various communities by providing them basic amenities. Such developed communities can be termed as our ‘social capital’. We exemplify the spirit of corporate responsibility. As a part of CSR activities we are also associated with the “DAVO” ngo for last 5 years.

Dev animal voluntary organization (DAVO) has a team to help save animals who are the victims of illegal animal cruelty and natural disasters. They also provide rehabilitation for injured and orphaned wildlife. The NGO is actively involved in providing shelter and adoption for homeless animals. They also educate people about how to make world a better place to live together with animals.