Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of zippers do you manufacture?

Ans.At Fastek zippers we manufacture:




Q : What is your maximum/minimum delivery time?

Ans.The delivery time depends on the client's requirements. Your specification with respect to the quantity of zippers, type of zippers, the variety of chosen colour, and any other slider requirement will define timeline of delivery. usually, for a regular zipper, we take 10 days. In case of SPECIAL REQUEST of BUYER, we also undertake partial delivery of orders.

Q. What is the minimum quantity of zipper order that you can cater?

Ans.The minimum quantity depends upon the colour and size of the zippers ordered. In general, minimum quantity that we can cater on per color basis is:

1. For Polyester Open end #5 : 100 Pcs

2. For Polyester Close-end #5 : 200 Pcs

3. For Plastic Molded open end#5/#8: 100 PCS

4. For Plastic Molded closed end #5/#8: 200 PCS

Note: in case the quantity is less than above specifications, we still fulfil those requirements with an additional charge.

Q. What is the minimum size(s) of the zippers that you manufacture?

Ans.At Fastek, the minimum size we manufacture is:

1. Polyester Open-end : 5 inch

2. Polyester Close-end : 3 inch

3. Plastic Open-end #5/#8 : 5 inch

4. Plastic Close-end #5/#8 : 3 inch

Q. How long do you take to develop a Lab-Dip?

Ans.At Fastek, we usually take 2 to 3 days, but as specified earlier on client request it can be made earlier too.

Q. What color reference do you use?

Ans.Our Clients can use color reference from Zipper colour card as we can follow that. We also suggest to use the fabric swatch as color reference for better color matching.

Q. Do you have available test reports of your zippers?

Ans.Yes, we do have test reports available of two types:

a) Test reports from International Testing Laboratories: ITS and SGS.

b) MEE in-house test reports

Q. What is the mode of payment that you require?

Ans.All payments must be done in INR while transacting with us. For overseas buyers, we only accept L/C at sight and/or advance T/T in US Dollar.

Q. Can you manufacture OEM(Private Label)?

Ans.Yes, we can do any type of OEM/Private Label if you provide us the design.